Dazzle Vendor of the Month

Scratch Bakery – A Woman Owned Business

Meet Michelle Sawyer, the heart and soul behind Scratch Bakery. 🍰👩‍🍳

A New York native with a lifelong passion for baking, Michelle swapped her scrubs for a baker’s apron after dedicating over three decades to healthcare. Her journey brought her to the vibrant 5 Points neighborhood in 2016, where she found the perfect place to turn her dream into reality.

Born into a family of Italian heritage, Michelle’s love for the culinary arts has deep roots. 🇮🇹❤️

On June 18, 2022, she opened Scratch Bakery, bringing the flavors of her Italian mother and grandma’s kitchen to the community. Every treat that leaves her ovens carries the love and dedication of a family recipe.

Dazzle celebrates the woman behind the magic, as she continues to bring joy and delectable creations to the heart of 5 Points and to us. She is a true artisan and that makes all the difference. Taste some of her creations at a Dazzle show soon.

Michelle is truly grateful for the incredible support from her amazing community and Dazzle is happy to be able to support Scratch Bakery in making her dreams come true!