Dazzle Is Westword’s Best of Denver 2024 x3

Dazzle is honored by the people of Denver to win not one, not two, but THREE Westword Best of Denver 2024 awards.


Best Jazz Club (Music & Venues)

Best Blues Club (Reader’s Choice, three years in a row)

Best Late-night Jazz

Dazzle has brought so much to the jazz scene since it opened its doors at 930 Lincoln Street in 1997, but the venue really showed its love for the city by deciding to spotlight another jazz club when it had its long-anticipated reopening in the Denver Performing Arts Complex last August. The El Chapultepec Piano Lounge honors the come-as-you-are spot that closed during the pandemic, in partnership with the El Chapultepec Legacy Project. Dedicated to maintaining the ‘Pec’s legacy, the lounge offers late-night sets from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays — and they’re all free.

Westword, Best of Denver 2024


Become a Dazzle Member at Westword’s Best of Denver 2024’s Best Jazz Club, Best Late-night Jazz (at our El Chapultepec Piano Bar), and Best Blues Club. Start taking advantage of the perks, including the 2024 Fall Lineup pre-sale that starts April 17th.

From the Pick of the Pec basic membership level to the top Big Horn level, becoming a Member is the best way to make the most of your experience at Dazzle.

Please note: Gift cards may not be redeemed for Memberships

To purchase or discuss further, contact Kelley at Kelley@DazzleDenver.com or 720.862.9170.

Kerrie Joy & Nelo Present: Dope $h!t with Friends Photo Credit: Mark Payler


Pre-sales for touring shows and big local shows, such as New Year’s Eve.
Memberships are good for 12 months from the date of purchase. If you purchase the Big Horn level, and already have tickets to touring shows within the next few months, contact Kelley to discuss an appropriate start date for your Dazzle Membership at Kelley@DazzleDenver.com or 720.862.9170.
Prices listed include taxes and processing fees.
To purchase or discuss further, contact Kelley at Kelley@DazzleDenver.com or 720.862.9170.


On Wednesday, April 17, Dazzle begins its Fall Lineup Pre-sale with eight Fall touring shows released every few days for two weeks. (There’s even a bonus ninth show, but that’s a secret surprise.) A Dazzle Membership gets you pre-sale access to purchase tickets before the general public.




Pre-sale period for Members takes place 24-48 hours after the Sponsor’s pre-sale and before the general public. (To put it in perspective, 4-8 tickets are usually sold during the Sponsor’s pre-sale, so Members still have lots of great seats available.)
TWO tickets per year for performances $50 and under. You pick the show.
20% discount on tickets for local performances. (Limit two discounted tickets per Artist. This cannot be used with the ‘TWO tickets per year for performances $50 and under’.)
Dedicated Dazzle Concierge to handle ticketing requests.
Invitations to private events once or twice a year.



All the benefits of Pick of the Pec.
TEN tickets per year for local performances (limit two tickets per Artist).



All the benefits of the Pick of the Pec.
Unlimited tickets per year for local performances (limit two tickets per Artist).



All the benefits of the Pick of the Pec.
Unlimited tickets per year for ALL performances, including touring shows (limit two tickets per Artists).
Additional tickets to touring shows may be purchased for a 20% discount (limit two per Artist).
One artist meet-and-greet annually.

Current lineup can be found here.


Touring Shows at Dazzle in the Denver Performing Arts Complex

Touring Shows List Updated Monthly

These are the touring shows that are coming to Denver. All of the other shows on our website are top local musicians.

SOLD OUT: John Scofield Trio with Vicente Archer and Bill Stewart

Thur., 4/4 – 6:30PM

Thur., 4/4 – 9PM

Fri., 4/5 – 6:30PM

Fri., 4/5 – 9PM

Donny McCaslin

Thur., 4/11 – 7PM

Thur., 4/11 – 9:30PM

Kenny Garrett and Sounds from the Ancestors

Thur., 4/18 – 7PM

Thur., 4/18 – 9:30PM

Fri., 4/19 – 7PM

Fri., 4/19 – 9:30PM

Marty Isenberg’s Wes Anderson Playlist

Thur., May 2nd – 6:30PM

Kurt Rosenwinkel The Next Step Reunion Tour

Thur., May 23 – 6:30PM

Thur., May 23 – 9PM

Otis Taylor

Thur., May 16 – 6:30PM

Thur., May 16 – 9PM

FALL TOURING SHOW LINEUP (Member Presales Begins April 17th)

säje – August 15th, 6:30 & 9PM

Presale April 17th, Public Sale Begins April 19th

Morgan James – October 9th, 2024, 6:30 & 9PM

Presale April 19th, Public Sale Begins April 21st

Garaj Mahal – September 6 & 7th, 6:30 & 9PM

Presale April 21st, Public Sale Begins April 23rd

Johnny Rawls – September 15th, 6:30PM

Presale April 21st, Public Sale Begins April 23rd

Jazzmeia Horn – September 19 & 20th, 6:30 & 9PM

Presale April 23rd, Public Sale Begins April 25th

Russell Malone – September 22, 4:30 & 7PM and September 23rd, 6:30 & 9PM

Presale April 25th, Public Sale Begins April 27th

Kris Davis Trio – October 8th, 6:30 & 9PM

Presale April 27th, Public Sale Begins April 29th

Fred Wesley – August 28 & 29th, 6:30 & 9PM

Presale April 29th, Public Sale Begins May 1st

Kassa Overall – October 24th, 6:30 & 9PM

Presale May 1st, Public Sale Begins May 3rd

Updated: April 2, 2024