Location & Parking

Where is Dazzle located?

Dazzle is now part of the Denver Performing Arts Complex, at 1080 14th Street, on the southeast corner of 14th Street & Arapahoe.

We share the intersection with Hotel Teatro and the Four Seasons.

Get directions.

Where do I park?

New location: Interactive Parking Map | Denver Performing Arts Complex

We do not validate parking or offer valet.

But, Hotel Teatro has generously offered $15 Valet parking for Dazzle’s patrons. Pull up to The Hotel Teatro’s front entrance (across Arapahoe from Dazzle on 14th), their Valet will park your car and give you a receipt. Have the receipt stamped at a Dazzle show and you will receive their discounted price of $15 (subject to availability). You pay at the Hotel front desk after the show. Tipping is appreciated.

Technically, all of the parking spots in front of Dazzle are loading and unloading only after 5 PM, but there is no guarantee that no one parks there. 

DPAC Parking Garage Updates & Closures – certain entrances to the Arts Complex parking garage will be closed for construction starting January 22nd as they install a new Garage Access Gate System.

  • 13th St. entrances will be closed from January 22 – end of February
  • Arapahoe St. entrances will be closed from March – mid-April

Please arrive extra early to get to the show on time!

New Garage Access Gate System

  • Automated system – human interaction not required unless requested (Gate Ambassador assigned to each entrance)
  • System records your license plate once you pay.  When the vehicle exits, the gate recognizes your license plate and automatically opens the gate.
  • Advance online purchase available – Hold a spot in the general admission garage prior to Showtime.  Spot is held even if the garage closes to drive-up patrons.
  • VIP parking available – First In/First Out self-parking VIP area.  Don’t wait for 8 floors of traffic before you egress at the end of a show
I’m having trouble understanding the seating chart, can I see a picture of where my seats are?

Yes. Click on this link for different views


What is VenuePilot?

VenuePilot is our ticketing platform for concert attendance. Ticket links are provided on each respective event page on our website. We request that you purchase your ticket(s) for an event online via our website. We do not process sales over the phone.

Most shows are assigned seats, with seats chosen when buying tickets.

See Our Upcoming Performances

Is there a minimum food & beverage purchase at performances?

Yes, there is a minimum two-item food & beverage purchase at all performances (one item for people under 19). Your ticket purchase supports the artists; your food & beverage purchase supports the venue.

Is Dazzle all ages?

In most cases we allow all ages until 11:00PM. After 11:00PM we are 21 and up only, in accordance with Colorado Liquor Law.

Kids under 12 are almost always free. How do I book a ticket for them?

First, please note that kids are not free for the following shows:

-Kids’ Saturday Matinee

-Charlie Brown Christmas with the Annie Booth Trio & Friends

To add a kid onto your reservation, email with the reservation number. If the seat next to you is available, we will reserve it for you. You will receive a confirmation email.

It looks like tables are for 2 people. How do I book for 3, 4, or more people?

Our new location was built out for us with theatre-style seating – it is not a converted restaurant, as our last two locations have been.

For a party of 3 or 4, simply choose 3 or 4 seats next to each other, as you would when buying tickets to a play or movie.

If you want to ensure you have the table to yourself, you must buy both seats for that table. Luckily, if you do share a table, Dazzle’s patrons are very friendly.

This photo was taken from table C1.

All tickets must be purchased online. There are no door sales. I have purchased a ticket online, do I also need to make a reservation?

When you purchase tickets for a concert via our website, you DO NOT need to make additional reservations.

I have complimentary tickets for local shows only. How do I know which ones are local shows?

The majority of Dazzle’s shows feature top local talent. The list of touring shows is here and is updated regularly.

How does tiered seating work?

Dazzle utilizes a tiered seating model for most shows. Prices vary based on your proximity to the stage. Please note that we have outfitted the space with several zones of sound reinforcement, and the sound should be great from anywhere you sit.

Does Dazzle offer refunds or exchanges?

ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL. No refunds on tickets. This is a standard policy shared by all music venues, and there’s one easy explanation – your money goes to pay the artists, and is out of our hands once the event has occurred.

With that said, we are a small, independent venue and have been known to allow exchanges. If you need to exchange tickets, you will have to buy tickets for the show you want to switch to, and then request a refund for your already purchased tickets. Example: you have tickets for the 7PM show and wish to attend the 9PM show instead, (or go a different day), you will have to buy tickets for the 9PM show and then request a refund for your 7PM tickets. Send refund requests to

What if a performance is sold out?

For sold-out shows, there is generally a wait list for available space in the main listening room. The wait list is only generated IN-HOUSE one hour prior to the show – and patrons must be physically at the venue to be on the waitlist. If there are openings, we will begin seating waitlist patrons 15 minutes after a show begins. 

The bar area and Piano Lounge are first come, first served, including standing availability. The music can be heard from here. Please note that talking MAY NOT be allowed in this area during a LISTENING performance. This varies greatly by show and is up to management’s discretion, unless otherwise noted in the show’s description.

We are a jazz club and occasionally improvise some sold-out shows, by converting the bar area and piano lounge into ticketed seats. On those unusual occasions it is noted in the show’s description and standing is permitted in these areas.

Do you offer student/teacher discounts?

On several of our performances, we offer a discounted ticket for students and teachers with a valid school ID. If you do not see a discounted ticket listed on the ticket page, then it is not currently available. In the event of low ticket sales, we do run ticket promotions for students/teachers within the week leading up to the performance.

Can I use my gift card to buy tickets online?

Gift cards are not compatible with our online ticketing sales system. To use your gift card for tickets, email, we will reserve your seats and your ticket price will be added to the final bill at the end of the show. You can pay the final bill with your gift card. You can also use your gift card to pay for food and drinks while at the venue.

Timing & Seating

What are your open hours?

As a music venue, we do not have “regular hours.” Our hours are based on our scheduled performances which vary throughout the week. We open for food and drinks one hour before the first show of the day. We close once the last show of the day is over. Our kitchen is generally open through the last performance of the day, although sometimes it may close a little earlier depending upon business.

When should I arrive for the performance?

Seating for ticketed performances begins one hour prior to the first performance of the evening. If there is more than one show scheduled in an evening, doors for the later show(s) open anywhere from 30-45 minutes prior to that performance – depending on how quickly we can turn the stage and the room. Food & Beverage service begins the moment you sit down and extends throughout the performance.

Can I reserve my table or seat for the show?

Yes, we’ve updated our ticketing system to where you choose your seat when you purchase the ticket. Tables are shared with the seat next to it. If you want to reserve the full table, you must purchase tickets for the two seats on either side of the table.

Community Seating (aka Club Seating)?

Tables are shared with the seat next to it. If you want to reserve the full table, you must purchase tickets for the two seats on either side of the table.

How long do the performances last?

A typical Dazzle set lasts 75 minutes. That being said, artistic expression is inherently spontaneous. There are instances of the sets being shorter or longer than average.

Do I need a ticket to come in and sit at the bar?

Generally no, but for extremely popular shows, ticketed seating will be sold in the bar area. This is indicated in the show’s description.

Do I need a ticket to come in and sit in the El Chapultepec Piano Lounge?

Generally no, but for extremely popular shows, ticketed seating will be sold in the bar area. This is indicated in the show’s description.

Do I need a ticket to come in and sit in the Main Listening Room?


Restaurant / Bar Service

Is there a minimum purchase requirement?

Yes, there is a minimum purchase of two food or beverage items per person. Ticket sales support the musicians while food and beverage purchases support the venue.

Can I eat or drink during the show?

Yes, Dazzle has a delicious small-plates menu. Dining is encouraged, but not mandatory. There is a minimum purchase of two items per show. However you want to spend that with us, is your choice.

We strongly recommend using the QR codes on the table to order, especially during the show to minimize disruptive conversations.

Tip: Ordering through the app as opposed to the server results in much faster service.

Can I come in for dinner or a drink if I don’t have show tickets?

Generally yes, but for extremely popular shows, ticketed seating will be sold in the bar area. This is indicated in the show’s description.

Why was I up-charged at the bar for my drink?

The prices listed on our liquors are for an 1.5oz shot. If you order a drink neat or on the rocks it is a 2oz pour and you are charged $2 more. Same goes for a martini – they are a 3oz pour which incurs a $4 upcharge.

Do you serve brunch?

Yes! We are now serving Brunch Sundays at 10:30 am. Your $5 admission ticket includes the music and once there, you may order off our new brunch menu. A reservation is not needed for Brunch, once you buy a ticket you can come at your leisure.

Do you serve breakfast or lunch?

Watch for upcoming news.


Can I book Dazzle for an event (big or small)?

You sure can! Get in touch with us on our Parties Page.

How do I go about getting my band booked at Dazzle?

There is no “surefire” way to get booked at Dazzle. But if you submit your information on our Artist Consideration Page we will take a look and listen and may get in touch with you. Please do not spam us. We get thousands of people trying to book with us. Unless you have a new body of material to present, you do not need to fill out the form multiple times.

I left my sunglasses, jacket, keys, ect. Is there a lost and found?

Yes. We keep lost items for seven days and then donate them. Stop by during opening hours to check it.

What do the rocks on the tables symbolize?

The rocks on the table symbolize community being the foundation of Dazzle. When a new building is built, there is always a cornerstone placed first. The rest of the building is built upon that cornerstone. As we opened Dazzle at the Arts Complex, we asked our community to bring in rocks to symbolize that they – the community – is the cornerstone of Dazzle.

Are pets allowed?

In accordance with the Denver Performing Arts Complex, all animals (except service animals) are prohibited. Please visit the Permitted & Prohibited Items page for a complete list.